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Title The Lightbearer, vol 8
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1912
Document Type Journal, Missionary Papers
Library Archive of the Sudan United Mission, University of Edinburgh
Region Africa, Europe, Australasia
Names Emir of Kano (p10), Lord Cromer (p18), Winston Churchill (pp26-27), King of Donga (p39), King of Wukari (p38), Sir George Taubman Goldie (p45), Henry Martyn (pp150-152), William Booth (p162)
Places Sudan, Nigeria, Bukuru (p4), Rumashsa (pp6-8, 42, 46-47, 83, 135-136), Uganda (p26), Langtang (p132), Germany (p18), England, Liverpool (p132), Australia (pp3, 43)
Topics periodical, missionary papers, The Sudan United Mission, SUM, missionary work, evangelism, The Lightbearer, January-no.1 (p2), February-no.2 (p22), March-no.3 (p42), April-no.4 (p62), May-no.5 (p82), June-July no.6 (p101), August-September no.7 (p125), October- no.8 (p145), November- no.9 (p165), December-no.10 (p193), The Sudan United Mission, mission news, observations of indigenous people, photographs, report on the South Seas (pp68-71), religion, Mohammedanism (pp3, 10-17, 31-32, 50-56, 86-88), Moslem rising (pp14-15), propaganda (p17), Student Christian Movement (p28), language study (pp33-40, 57-60), baptism (p8), marriage, wedding customs (pp201-202), World Missionary Conference (p22), Christmas (pp63-65), anti-European sentiment (pp12-13), health and disease, sanatorium (p24), sanitation (pp141-), leprosy (p141), small pox (p142), vaccination (p142), industrial development (p25), railway (pp27, 141), cannibalism (pp47, 73), slave trade (pp90-94, 98-99), newspapers, The Scotsman (p66), Daily Express (p67), Annual Report (pp102-104, 108-113), official report to the Government (pp107-108), Treasurer's report (pp120-124), Empire Day (pp135-136), United Conference (pp153, 156, 166-170, 178-190), maps (pp154-155)
Copyright Archive of the Sudan United Mission, University of Edinburgh