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Title The Mission Hospital, Volume XXVI A continuation of Mercy and Truth
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1922
Document Type Journal, Missionary Papers
Library University of Birmingham Library
Region South Asia, Middle East
Names Dr. Catherine Ironside, Edmund Lawson, Reverend Marcus Mackenzie, Dr. Habeeb Salim, Isabella Bird Bishop (p147), John Bishop (p147)
Places India, Dera Ismail Khan, Amritsar, Bannu, East Africa, Mego, Uganda, Central Africa, Rwanda, Ruanda, Kigezi, North Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Yilu, Palestine, Israel, Gaza, Nablous, Jaffa, Persia, Iran, Es Salt, Trans Jordania (p188), China, Foochow, Fukien, Fukagwa, Funingfu, Futsing, Hangchow, Hinghwa, Ningpo, Ningteh, India, Quetta, Ranaghat, Kashmir, Sindh (p91), Sringhar
Topics missionary papers, missionary work, periodical, contents, Church Missionary Society, CMS, medical missions, reports from medical missions, missionary training, Gaza medical mission, Union medical College, Hinghwa medical mission, Nablous medical mission (p257), Mego medical mission, Multan medical mission, Ranaghat medical missions, use of quinine as medicine (p89), health and disease, Sudanese villages, numbers treated at Hangchow, CMS finances, cotton trade in Uganda (p40), birth, treatment of twins, death, infanticide (p42), treatment of blind, crippled, leprosy, lepers, cholera, deaf in Africa and China (p81), slavery in China (p86), Society for the Promotion of Female Education (FES) (p105), John Bishop memorial hospital, Old Cairo medical mission, British Medical Association (pp238, 295)
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