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Title The Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition, Vol 1
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1851
Document Type Printed Book, Catalogue
Place of Publication London
Publisher Spicer Brothers
Library National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum
Reference Forster T 8vo 2923
Region Europe, Australasia, Central America and the Caribbean, South Asia, North America
Names Robert Ellis (ppIII-VIII), Prince Albert (pp2-11), Henry Cole (pp1-35), Queen Victoria (p9), Matthew Digby Wyatt (pp10-11, 21), Joseph Paxton (21)
Places England, City of London, Australia (p17), West Indies, Caribbean (p17), India, Ceylon, Sri Lanka (p17), Canada (p17)
Topics exhibitions, Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, contents of volumes 1-3 (ppix-x), List of Illustrations for volumes 1-3 (ppxi-xxiii), List of Illustrations for British Colonies and Dependencies (ppxix-xx), Local committees of the United Kingdom (ppxxiv-xxvii), Alphabetical List of Colonies and Foreign States (ppxxx-xxxii), Alphabetical and Classified list of Articles (ppxxxiii-cxvi), Names of Exhibitors (ppcxviii-cxcii), French exhibitions (p1), constitutional freedom (p2), Society of Arts (pp2-8, 11), outline of the exhibition discussed (p4), plan of operations (p6), costs and expenses (pp7-8), Royal Commission appointed (p9), East India Company (p9), public subscriptions and financial management (pp13-14), general principals of the exhibition (pp14-15), amount of space allocated to Foreign Countries and the Colonies (pp16-17), countries involved in the Great Exhibition (pp16-17), The Building Committee (p21), Messrs Fox Henderson & Co. (p21), arrangement of British and colonial articles (p24), price of catalogues, insurance (p26), crime and punishment, cost of police, refreshments (p27), transport (pp27-28), admission prices for visitors (pp28-29), prizes and medals (pp30-32), Jurors (pp33-35, 44), Directory of Commissioners, Committee members and Jurors (pp36-48), construction of the building (pp49-81), Scientific revision and preparation of the catalogue (pp82-87), Classification of subjects (pp89-107), Articles exhibited by the Queen, Prince Albert, Prince, Prince of Wales (pp111,112), Mining and Mineral products (pp113-183), Chemical and Pharmaceutical products (pp184-199), Substances used as food (pp200-208), Vegetable and Animal substances used in Manufactures (pp194-207), Machines for direct use, including Carriages, Railway and Marine Mechanism (pp209-261), Manufacturing Machines and Tools (pp262-307), Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Contrivances (pp308-332), Naval Architecture, Military Engineering, Guns, Weapons (pp333-363), Agricultural and Horticultural Machines and Implements (pp364-403), Philosophical, Musical, Horological and Surgical Instruments (pp404-478), adverts, advertisements, Official Illustrated Catalogue Advertiser (pp1-76)
Copyright The National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum