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Title The Original Letters from India of Mrs Eliza Fay
Author(s) Fay, Eliza
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1908
Document Type Printed Book
Library Bodleian Library
Reference Ind.Inst30.d.79
Region South Asia, Europe, Africa
Names Eliza Fay, Reverend Walter Kelly Firminger, Warren Hastings, Mrs. Warren Hastings, Anthony Fay, Sir Eyre Coote (p145), Lady Susanna Coote, Haidar Ali, Hyder Ally, Sir Elijah Impey (p136), Mrs. Elijah Impey, Sir Robert Chambers, Lady Chambers
Places India, Calcutta (p148), Madras (pp121, 208), Fort St George (p124), Calicut (p72), North Africa, Egypt, Alexandria (pp38, 224), River Nile, Cairo (p47), Suez, South Africa, Cape Town (p221), Cape de Verde Islands (p186), Port Praya, Cape of Good Hope (p187), Canary Islands, Madeira (p204), Funchal, Ceylon (p118), Sri Lanka, Italy (p28), France, Calais, Paris, Leghorn, East Africa, Madagascar (p188), Santa Cruz (p210), St Helena (p177), Tenerife (p186)
Topics travel writing, letters, index (p239), Calcutta Historical Society, entertainment, colonial social liin Calcutta (p140), theatre (p153), Christian liin Egypt (p38), food prices in Calcutta (p140), Hindu culture (p127), Hinduism, caste system (pp163, 235), death, burial customs, Sati, suttee (pp160, 165), marriage customs (p164), gender roles (p165), pyramids (p43), tea (p10), religion, Islamic Egyptian marriage (p47), Islam, Mohammedanism, Islamic servants refusal to touch pork (p144), imprisonment (p79), religious tolerance in Madras (p121), Fort St George, entertainment, juggling, sword swallowing
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