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Title The Penny Guide to the International Exhibition
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Date 1862
Document Type Printed Book
Library National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum
Reference A.5.17
Region Australasia, North America, Europe, South Asia, South America
Names Oliver Cromwell (p 8)
Places Australia (p10), New Zealand (p10), Canada (p10), England, Liverpool, Switzerland, Austria (pp13, 17, 39), Belgium (pp32-35), France (p38), India (p11), Asia, China (p36), Brazil (pp35-36)
Topics exhibitions, International Exhibition, adverts, advertisements (image 2), Prince Albert's Road map (image 3), Preface (image 4), General introduction (image 5), The building (pp6-7), African colonies (pp10-11), French court (p15), Western annexe (p17), Eastern annexe (p18), Picture galleries (p20), British gallery (p23), Localities in the Building (p24), advertisements (images 17-23, 54-58, 90-92, 123-125), A guide to the pictures (pp2-24), Water colour drawings (pp25-32), etchings and engravings (pp33-34), Foreign gallery (pp35-54), Fine Art Department (pp55-64), Articles belonging to Her Majesty, notice to the visitor (image 59), Compendium, mining, quarrying, mineral products (pp5-6), railway, food, manufacturing (p7), Machinery (pp8-11), military engineering (p13), naval architecture, ships, photography (pp14-15), Instruments, musical, surgical (p17), fabrics, carpets (pp19-21), clothing (pp22-23), stationary (p24), metal work (p25), glass, pottery (p26), foreign states (pp32-42), picture gallery (pp43-44), sculpture gallery (p45), French art (pp46-47), German art (pp48-50), Austrian art (pp51-52), Dutch Art (pp53,56), Swedish art (p54), Norwegian art (pp55-56), Russian art (pp57-58), Belgium (p59), Spanish art (p60), Swiss art (p61), Italian art (pp62-64), ground plan (image 93), Gallery plan (image 94), National progress, genius of the exhibition (p3), Results of exhibition, architecture of the building (pp4-5), The building (pp6-12,24,25), Colonies (pp13), Contributions by heads of foreign states (pp14-17), Insurance of the building (pp18-19), Picture gallery (pp19-20), English school (p21), British sculpture, French picture gallery (p22), Fine arts (p23), Official catalogue (pp26-27), Construction of the Dome (pp28-31), delivery of exhibits, types of foreign exhibits (pp32-33), French court (pp34-35), Austrian court (pp36-37), Italian court (pp37-38), Russian court (pp39-40), Japanese court (pp40-41), British colonies (pp42-45), Admiralty models (pp45-46), Guns (p46), Musical instruments (pp46-47), Jewellery, plate (pp47-50), Queens jewels, porcelain (p50), Glass, iron (p51), Machinery (pp52-53), Conclusion (pp53-54), Proceedings at the inauguration (pp55-57), poetry (images 127-139)
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