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Title The Queen's Daughters in India with Prefatory Letters by Mrs Josephine E Butler and Mr Henry J Wilson MP
Author(s) Andrew, Elizabeth W, Bushnell, Katharine C
Section Section III: The Visible Empire
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher Morgan & Scott
Library British Library
Reference T35151
Names Elizabeth Andrew, Katharine C Bushnell, Lord Roberts, Commander in Chief of the Army in India (pp17, 21, 67, 99, appendix), Josephine Butler (ppvii, 59), Queen Victoria (pp61-62, 86-87), Sir George White (pp67, 74-75), Lord George Hamilton (pp105-106, appendix)
Places South Asia, India
Topics missionaries, treatment of Indian women by British Army, licensed prostitution of Hindu women for British soldiers, cantonments (pp14-16, 20, 97), Contagious Diseases Acts (pp15, 23, 64-85, 103), chaklas, Government brothels (pp15-18, 29, 32-33, 67), compulsory medical examination of licensed prostitutes (pp16, 49-51, 68, 76-79), spread of sexually transmitted diseases (pp16, 20-21, 64-65, 70), the Infamous Circular Memorandum (pp17-18, 20-22, appendix), Parliamentary Paper recommending licensed prostitutes for British Army (pp17-18, 20-22), methods of recruiting prostitutes for the British Army (pp18-19), fate of prostitutes cast out of Government brothels (pp20-21), campaign for the abolition of state regulated prostitution (p24), illegitimate children of British Army Officers and Indian prostitutes (p34), circumstances by which Indian women become prostitutes (p42), violence by soldiers towards prostitutes (p47), mental state of prostitutes (pp55-59), intervention by Queen Victoria to stop licensed prostitution in the British Army (pp61-62), handbook given to British Army recruits encouraging use of Government brothels (pp66-67), statistics showing number of soldiers suffering from venereal diseases (pp70, 99-100), proposed laws to examine men for sexually transmitted diseases (p71), Cantonments Act (p97)