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Title The Travels of Richard Bell, gun founder to the Great Mughals travelling in India and the Middle East, 1654-1669
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1669
Document Type Manuscript, Diary
Library British Library
Reference MSS Sloane 811
Region South Asia, Middle East
Names Richard Bell, Great Moguls, Great Mughals, Shah Jehan (Sajaham), Aurangzeb (Oram Rebb), Dara Shikoh (Dourish Sharoue), Shiya, Shah Sonia, Murad, Malla Bucks, Thomas Pratt, Shaw Bash, King of Persia, Sultan Mahamett, King Wyley
Places India, Bengal, Bombay (f32v), Goa (f44), Duratt, Dauratt, Agra, Agray, East Indies, Persia, Iran, Europe, Portugal, Lisbon (f45v), Italy, Genoa (f45v), Israel, Palestine, Jerusalem (49v), Nazareth (f47v), Sea of Galilee (f48), John a bad, Hyderabad, Bagdatt, Baghdad, Iraq, Turkey (f47), Tripoli, Syria
Topics journal, travel writing, Mogul empire, Mughal empire, travel amongst the royalty of India and the Middle East, Islam, Mohammedanism, civil war, war for succession between sons of the Great Mogul Shah Jehan (Sajaham), gun founding, diamonds (ff32, 40), weapons, weaponry, cavalry, war elephants, language, opium (f5v), court of the Great Mughals, executions (ff14, 20), burial customs (f16), hostage taking (f16v), geography, witchcraft (f20v), torture (f20v), observation of the Sabbath (f23), Christianity, Bible (f25v), test firing cannon (f23v), cannibalism (f29v), East India Company (f31v), Portuguese empire (f32), Dutch empire (f33v), poison (f36v), travels between Lisbon and Jerusalem (f45v), silk (f46), Mount Etna (f46v), volcano, health and disease, sexuality, buggery, sodomy (f59v), Arabic (f60v)