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Title Through Afro-America: An English Reading of the Race Problem
Author(s) Archer, William
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1910
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher Chapman & Hall Limited
Library Cambridge University Library
Reference 11m6
Region North America, Central America and the Caribbean
Names William Archer, President Taft (pp254, 255), H.G. Wells (pp199, 201), President Roosevelt (pp13, 107, 227, 256), Carl McKinley (p235), W.E.B. Du Bois (pp30, 33, 45, 52, 56, 61, 75, 99, 140, 162, 208)
Places United States of America, USA, Chicago (p3, 7), Washington (pp4, 6, 11, 16), New York (pp7, 15, 195), Louisville, Kentucky (pp29, 36), Memphis, Tennessee (pp38, 59), Alabama (pp64, 94, 126), Montgomery (pp64, 94), Birmingham (p12), New Orleans (pp87, 153), Atlanta, Georgia (p135), Charleston, South Carolina (p176), Florida (pp177, 179), Jacksonville (p177), Miami (p179), Caribbean, Cuba (pp23, 247, 263), Matanzas (p263), Havana (pp23, 247, 257), Latin America, Panama City (p279), Jamaica (p265), Kingston (pp265), Port Antonio (p268), West Indies (pp188, 200, 203)
Topics race, chapters, Part First-Southward Ho! (pp1-183), 'On the Threshold' (pp3-10), slavery (pp3, 23, 32, 230), 'The Black Man's Paradise' (pp11-18), education (pp17, 22, 25, 43, 76, 104, 128), academic education (pp17, 50, 122, 141), agricultural (p76), compulsory (pp78-128), industrial (pp17, 50, 57, 109, 119, 192), General Board of Education (p76), child labour (pp18, 90) 'The Nightmare of the South' (pp19-28), rape (pp22, 24, 59), lynching (pp24, 26, 33, 139, 169, 216, 235), 'Rhetoric in Louisville' (pp29-27), "Discrimination" in Memphis' (pp38-44), 'Two Leaders' (pp45-58), 'A White Type and a Black' (pp59-66), 'In the Black Belt' (pp67-75), 'Education and the Demonstration Farm' (pp76-84), 'New Orleans' (pp85-93), 'Crime-Slavery and Debt-Serfdom' (pp94-103), convict labour (p96), 'An Industrial University' (pp104-113), 'Hampton: An Aftermath' (pp114-125), 'Birmingham, Alabama' (pp126-134), immigration (pp133, 196), 'The City of a Hundred Hills' (pp135-145), 'Prohibition' (pp146-155), 'The Negro Home and the Negro Church' (pp156-166), 'Charleston' (pp167-176), 'The Fringe of Florida' (pp177-183), Part Second- The Problem Faced (pp187-244), 'Numbers and Vitality of the Negro' (pp189-197), 'Is there a "Negro Problem"?' (pp197-201), slave trade (pp201, 220), 'White Man's Land or Brown Man's Land?' (pp201-208), 'Four Possibilities: II, The Atlanta Compromise' (pp208-213), 'The Crux of the Problem' (pp213-216), 'Four Possibilities: III. Amalgamation' (pp217-221), 'The Races Not Equal' (pp221-225), 'The Case for the Mulatto' (pp225-226), 'A Biological Argument' (pp227-235), segregation (p233), deportation (p235), 'Back to Africa?' (pp235-237), 'A Negro State' (pp237-244), Part Third-Havana to Panama (pp247-291), 'The American in Cuba' (pp247-256), 'A Game for Gods' (pp257-262), 'A Fragment of Fairyland' (pp263-275), 'The Panama Canal' (pp276-291), index (pp293-295)
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