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Title Travel Diaries of Helen Caddick Vol 5
Author(s) Caddick,Helen
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1898
Document Type Manuscript, Diary
Library Birmingham Central Library
Reference MS 908 Vol.5
Notes South Africa and B. C. Africa. Please note that certain photographs/illustrations contained in this item proved to be problematic in the digitisation process. We had to choose between the clarity of the text and the quality of the picture. Given that the item was selected for its textual content we have accepted that some of the pictures do not reproduce well
Region Africa, Europe
Names Helen Caddick, George Rex (p38), William Gladstone (p91), Paul Kruger (pp92, 135, 184), Dr. Jameson (pp128, 131), Joseph Chamberlain (p135), Mary Kingsley (p267)
Places South Africa, B. C. Africa, Knysna (p15), Durban (p53), Johannesburg (p80), Pretoria (p92), Bloemfontein (p106), Kimberley (p110), Bulawayo (p123), Victoria (p147), Salisbury (p172), Beira (p181), Chiromo (p200), Fort Johnston (p231), Kota Kota (p238), Mozambique (p323), Zanzibar (p326), Dar es Salaam (p326), France, Marseille (p335), Paris (p336), England, London, Birmingham
Topics travel writing, diary, tourism, travel, contents, colonial society, transport, cruise, coach, train, colonial liin South Africa, pic nics, education, leisure, fishing, bathing, hunting (pp37, 125, 192, 242), sport, cricket (p85), singing, dance, dancing (pp25, 212, 260, 310), slavery (p38), racial divide, racism (pp46, 71, 121), kaffirs (pp49, 95), Kaffir village (pp49, 51, 68, 72, 77), dress (pp53, 54, 63, 159, 212, 217, 246, 294), Jinrickishas (p53), Indian workers (p54, 66), kaffir servants (pp60, 71), marriage customs, polygamy (p60), natural history (p189), insects (pp62, 197, 267), snakes (p62), locusts, crocodiles (p282), Boers (p68, 95), Dutch empire, Zulus (p71), death, infanticide, treatment of twins (p72), Uitlanders (p135), health and disease, cattle diseases (pp73, 120), typhoid (p107), gold mines (p87), Queen Victoria's Birthday (p103), colonial war, colonial conflict (pp100, 131, 138, 176), Jameson raid (pp161, 185), exploitation of resources, luxury goods, diamond mines (p111), treatment of diamond miners (p114), De Beers (p111), native police force (p160), expeditions (pp187, 204), Portuguese empire (pp194, 324), missionary work (pp214, 302), Morovian mission (p282), medical mission, Sikh and Native soldiers (p220), Bush fire (p225), colonial rule, law, colonial justice (pp226, 299, 315), slavery (p259), ivory (p261), witch doctors (p304), superstition, sugar industry (p322)
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