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Title Travels in West Africa: Congo Francais, Corisco and Cameroons
Author(s) Kingsley, Mary H
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1897
Document Type Printed Book, Diary
Place of Publication London
Publisher MacMillan & Co., Limited
Library Bodleian Library
Reference R.H. 710.11r.198
Region Africa
Names Mary Kingsley, De Brazza (pp105, 353), Sir Richard Burton (p595), Du Chailu (p369)
Places West Africa, Grand Canary, Congo Francais (p353), Corisco, Cameroons (p548), Sierra Leone (pp14-25, 72), Freetown, Gold Coast (p26), Ghana, Fernando Po (pp42, 73), Accra (p26), Gaboon, Lagos, Ogowe River (p103), Tenerife (p13), River Volta, Talagouga
Topics travel writing, adventure, index (p739), contents (pxi), introduction (p1), customs,marriage (pp225, 321), adultery (p497), polygamy (pp212, 662), death, (pp70, 459, 490), dress (pp20, 223), culture, cannibalism (pp287, 330), slavery (p72), coinage (p59), religion, Islam, Mohammedanism (p17), Christianity, missionary work, missions (pp28, 658), superstition, fetish (p429), witch doctors (p463), witchcraft (p442), spirits (p443), juju (p429), education (p658), tribes, Bantu (p443), Bubis (p67),Fans (pp103, 308), Igalwa (p219), transport, railways (p634), health and disease (pp468, 469, 681), trade (pp432, 502), rubber (p289), vanilla (p644), coffee (pp48, 147, 642), ivory (p325), plantations (p640), French empire, Spanish empire (p53), Portuguese empire (p641), natural history (pp45, 114, 300, 692),alcohol (pp63, 662, 668, 675), language (pp64, 432, 602), music (pp66, 68), death, burial customs (pp49, 381, 478, 481, 490), dress (p20), hunting (p326), law (pp485, 496), attitude to property, land rights (p484),status of women (p484), housing (pp112-113), Ogowe (p123), superstition, sacrifices (p451), tattooing (p530), infanticide, attitude to twins (p472), trade and labour in West Africa (p631)
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