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Title Two Hundred Years of the S.P.G, Vol 1: an historical account of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
Author(s) Pascoe, C. F
Section Section IV: Religion & Empire
Date 1901
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Library British Library
Reference X25/1994 DSC
Region North America, Central America and the Caribbean, Africa, Africa, Australasia, South Asia
Names C. F. Pascoe
Places South Carolina (pp12-20), North Carolina (pp20-25), Georgia (pp26-29), Virginia (p30), Maryland (pp31-33), Pennsylvania (pp33-40), New England (pp41-51), New Jersey (pp52-56), New York (pp57-78), British North America (pp88-193), Canada, Newfoundland & North Labrador (pp88-102), Bermuda (pp102-106), Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Prince Edward Island (pp107-124), New Brunswick (pp125-135), Quebec & Ontario Provinces (pp135-141), Quebec (pp142-152), Ontario (pp153-176), Manitoba and North West Canada (p177-181), British Columbia (pp181-191f), West Indies (pp194-253), Windward Islands (pp196-206), Tobago (pp206-207), Trinidad (pp208-209b), Leward Islands (pp210-215d), Bahamas (pp216-227b), Jamaica (pp228-233), Moskito Shore (pp234-237), Honduras (pp238-239b), Costa Rica (p239b), Panama (pp240-241), British Guiana (pp242-251d), West Africa (pp254-267b), Cape Colony (pp268-305), Kaffaria (pp305-317), Griqualand West (pp317-319), St Helena (pp319-321b), Tristan d'Acunha (pp322-324), Basutoland (pp324-327d), Natal (pp328-335), Zululand (pp335-342), Swaziland (pp342-344), Tongaland/Maputaland (pp344-345b), Portuguese South East Africa, Delagoa Bay (pp346-346g), Gazaland (p346k), Orange River Colony (pp347-353b), Transvaal (p354-358l), Bechuanaland (pp359-361d), Matabeland (pp362-362h), Mashonaland (pp363-366p), "Makombe's" (p366p), Central Africa (pp367-368), Mauritius (pp368-373b), Madagascar (pp374-380l), Northern Africa (pp380-381), Australia, New South Wales & Norfolk Island (pp386-403), Victoria (pp404-410), Queensland (pp410-415), South Australia (pp415-424), Western Australia (pp424-428), Tasmania (pp428-433), New Zealand (pp433-443), Melanesia (pp444-452), Pitcairn Island (pp452-454), Norfolk Island (pp454-456), Oceania, Fiji (pp456-459b), Hawaiian Islands (pp460-463a), Samoa (p463b), New Guinea (p463b-465), Asia (pp468-733), India (pp469-473), Bengal (pp473-500n)
Topics historical account, missionary work, Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG), origin, object and first proceedings of the Society (pp1-9), missionary work, opposition to missionary work (pp8, 12, 15-16, 22, 46-48, 38-39, 55, 63-74) religious instruction, education, conversion to Christianity, baptism of Yammonsee Prince (pp16-17), languages and dialects (pxli), colonial rule, British empire (pp61-62, 64, 66, 72, 74, 233,. 304a, e, 316a-b, d, i, 327a, d, j, 341d-e, 345b, 361, 366a, 380k, 427a, 463b), Native Americans, loyalty of Mohawks to England (pp73-74), French empire (pp380i, h, j-k), Spanish empire (pp228, 233), colonial conflict, American Revolution (pp19, 25, 29, 39, 40, 48-51, 55-56, 74-78), The Riel Rebellion (pp180e-f), slavery, Slave insurrection (p200b), Panama rebellion, 1885 (pp240-241), Caffre War, Kaffir War (p283), Native rebellion (p366e), Maori War, Hau Hau fanaticism (pp441-442), Zulu cruelty (pp335, 338), Boer Invasions and War, famine (pp472b, 485), indigenous people, customs, superstitions, witchcraft (pp306, 316, 338, 341, 345, 358, 363, 366, 374, 465, 495, 496, 498, 500), cattle-killing (pp307-308), cannibalism (pp327, 366o, 380, 380h, 429, 433)