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Title Two Voyages to Sierra Leone during the Years 1791-3. In a Series of Letters
Author(s) Falconbridge, Anne Maria
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1794
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Library Bodleian Library
Reference Vet A5 e.3683
Region Europe, Africa
Names Anne Maria Falconbridge, Alexander Falconbridge, Henry Thornton MP, Duke of Bucleugh, King Jemmy, Elliotte Griffiths, King Naimbana, King of Sierra Leone (p17), Granville Sharp (pp56, 115), Reverend Thomas Clarkson (p116)
Places England, Bristol, West Africa, Sierra Leone, Freetown, Bance Island, Granville Town, Gambia Island (p80), Port Praya, St Jago, Cape de Verde Islands, West Indies, Jamaica, Kingston (p232)
Topics memoir, letters, slavery, slave trade, abolition of slavery, abolitionist movement, abolitionists (p7), Sierra Leone Company, St. George's Bay Company, trade, colonial factories, convicts bound for Botany Bay (p8), colonial liin West Africa, colonial conflict, customs, African dress (p14), African Kings, rituals (p22), dress (p26), slave yard and accommodation (p24), negotiations between St George's Bay Company and King Naimbana for land rights, land ownership, marriage customs, polygamy (p32), slaves of local kings (pp24, 33), African slave trade (p53), natural history (pp34, 64), alcohol, gift of rum (p39), native consumption of rum (p46), tribal palaver (pp27, 45), European education for sons of African Kings (p52), salt traded for slaves by local king, white slave trade (p57), Sierra Leone customs, child rearing (p68), gender roles, polygamy, diet, religion, superstition, time, dance, dancing, government, health and disease, plans to send freed slaves to Sierra Leone (p117), colony, establishment of Freetown (p129), transport and disease of freed slaves (p131), early days of settlement, internal divisions, disease, anti-slavery policy of Freetown settlement (pp163, 183), dissatisfaction of black settlers with conditions and rights, law, judicial system, white colonist whipped by freed slave (p214), positive description and portrayal of slave trade and the treatment of slaves, pro-slavery (p224)
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