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Title Voyage De La Perouse autour du monde, Volume 2: Jean Francois del Galaup La Perouse
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1797
Document Type Printed Book
Library Bodleian Library
Reference CC 11 Art.Seld
Notes French language.
Region North America, South America, South East Asia
Names Jean Francois del Galaup La Perouse, George Anson (pp28, 46), Captain James Cook (pp5, 46, 48, 79, 104), Sir Francis Drake (p52)
Places Port des Francais (pp161, 185), Hudson's Bay (p1), Canada, California (p247), Monterey (p247, 284), St Catherine Island (p33), Latin America, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (p26), Chile (p59), Juan Fernandez, Straights of Magellan (p51), Cape Horn, South Seas, Oceania, Sandwich Islands (p104), French Polynesia, Polynesian Islands, Sandwich Islands (p104), Philippines (p341), Cavile (p341), Manila, Madeira (p13), Funchal (p16), Tenerife (pp15-16), Asia, Macao (p315), China
Topics contents, journal, exploration, navigation, French empire, trade, attitudes towards indigenous population, indigenous peoples, Native Americans (p185), Esquimaux, Eskimo, Inuit (p205), dance (pp185, 263), appearance, dress (pp65, 79, 185), music (pp185, 209), language (pp115, 185, 210, 284), natural history (p247), astronomy (pp104, 284)
Copyright Bodleian Library