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Title Woide's Translation of Abel Jansen Tasman's journal of a voyage from Batavia, in the East Indies, for the discovery of the unknown South land, 1776
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1642-1776
Document Type Manuscript, Diary
Library British Library
Reference Add Mss 8947
Notes Tasman's voyage did not locate the South land, but did claim Dutch possession of Tasmania, had a bloody encounter with New Zealand Maoris, and enjoyed the hospitality of the islanders of Oceania.
Region South East Asia, Australasia
Names Abel Jansen Tasman, Antony Van Diemen, Frans Visscher, Charles Godfrey Woid (Chaplain of his Majesty's Dutch Chapel at St James's, 1776), Commander Van der Stel
Places East Indies, Batavia (f3), Java, Indonesia, Mauritius (ff4, 7), Van Diemen's land (f29v), Tasmania, Tasman's Island, Maria's Island, Oceania, Nova Guinea, New Guinea (ff25v, 28, 111v), New Zealand, Murderer's Bay (ff48v, 50v), Tonga, Friendly Islands (f65v), Prince's Island, Fijian Islands, Fiji
Topics journal, exploration, liat sea, Dutch empire, Dutch East India Company, French empire (f7v), trade, ebony, timber, navigation, difficulties in establishing locations (f96), discussions on route back to Batavia (f89), indigenous housing, signs of habitation on Tasmania (f34v), claiming territory (f37), indigenous people, Maori culture (ff45v, 58), language (f46v), canoes, appearance, sea battle (f48v), natural history, coconuts, bananas (f135), Tongan natives (f66), canoes, language, appearance, bartering, trade, presents, attitude to property, stealing (f77v), ship's regulations (f81), religion, superstition (f84), crime and punishment (f84), East Indies islanders (ff113, 131), Green Island natives (f109v), colonial conflict, battle, skirmish with natives (f134), Volcano (f127)