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Title Woodes Rogers, A Cruising Voyage Round the World
Author(s) Rogers, Woodes
Section Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Date 1712
Document Type Printed Book, Diary
Place of Publication London
Publisher A. Bell
Library British Library
Reference 303.h.8
Region Europe, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, North America, South East Asia
Names Alexander Selkirk (p125), William Dampier (ppxvii, 6, 37, 125, 159), Herman Moll
Places South Seas, East Indies, South Africa, Cape of Good Hope (p417), Bristol, England, West Indies, Latin America, Mexico, Mexico City (p326), Acapulco (p329), Darien, Darian, Panama (pA13), South America, Peru, Lima (pp143, 136), Chile (p340), Santiago (pA52), Quicara (pA12), Garachina (pA15), Plata Island (pA23), Callao (pA38), Arrica (pA45), John Fernandez, Baldivia, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, California (p279), Jakarta, Batavia (pp391, 401), Argentina, Buenos Aires (p78), Cape de Verd Islands (p32), Falkland Islands (p103), Galapagos Islands, Straights of Magellan, Oronoco river, Paraguay, Guam (p365), Bouton (p386)
Topics male author, journal, memoir, cartography, map of world (p1), index after 56 page appendix at front (pA56), trade, exploration, Spanish empire, South Sea trade, Brazilian trade (p52), French empire, Duke, Duchess, privateering (ppxix, 212), buccaneers (pp205, 268), navigation between Mexico, Peru and Chile, volcano (p32), indigenous peoples, South American Indians, Amazon Indians, dress, colonial conflict, colonial wars (p55), natural history, ship's committees, exploitation of resources, luxury goods, gold mines, Hottentots (p420), missionaries (pp80, 83), missionary work, slavery (pp39, 212), cannibals (p112)