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Title Zanzibar, City, Island and Coast, Vol 1
Author(s) Burton, Richard
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1872
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher Tinsley Brothers
Library British Library
Reference W2/6908
Region Africa
Names Richard F. Burton, Sayyid Said (pp34, 293-311)
Places Zanzibar
Topics illustrations (pp86, 152), map of Zanzibar (pp11-12, 269-272), missionaries, missionary work, "Arrival at Zanzibar Island" (p16), "How the Nile Question Stood in the Year of Grace 1856" (p38), "A Stroll Through Zanzibar City" (p66), "Africa, East and West – 'Zanzibar' Explained – Menouthias – Position and Formation – The East African Ourrent – Navigation – Aspect of the Island" (p116), climate (pp79, 119, 151), "Meteorological Notes – the double seasons, &c." (p150), "Climate continued - notes on the nosology of Zanzibar – effects on strangers" (p176), natural history, "Notes on the Fauna of Zanzibar" (p197), "Notes on the Flora of Zanzibar" (p218), "The Industry of Zanzibar" (p252), "Visit to the Prince Sayyid Majid – the Government of Zanzibar" (p256), "A Chronicle of Zanzibar – the career of the late 'Imam,' Sayyid said" (p276), "Ethnology of Zanzibar – the foreign residents" (p312), "Horseflesh at Zanzibar – the outskirts of the city, and the clove plantations" (p346), "Ethnology of Zanzibar, the Arabs" (p368), "Ethnology of Zanzibar – the Wasawahili and the slave races " (p407), "Motives for Exploring Zanzibar" (p6), colonial conflict (p18), burial customs (p22), "Spiritualism" (p22), plantations (p29), murder (p55), "Population" (p81), accommodation (pp88-87), "The Jail" (p90), health and disease (pp98-102), diet (pp322, 332), race (p110, 112), slave trade (pp81, 92, 110-112, 351, 453), "Vegetation" (p148), trade (pp208, 220-226), spice (pp226, 361), "Prison" (p264), "Police" (p266), circumcision (p342), execution (p353), prostitution (pp354, 380), dancing, dance (p366), tribal conflict (p373), alcohol (p381), dress (pp382, 386, 434), religion (pp394-406), "The Kisawahili" (pp438-452)