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Title Zanzibar, City, Island and Coast, Vol 2
Author(s) Burton, Richard
Section Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, 1607-2007
Date 1872
Document Type Printed Book
Place of Publication London
Publisher Tinsley Brothers
Library British Library
Reference W2/6909
Region Africa
Names Richard F. Burton, Captain Speke, Sayyid Said
Places Zanzibar, Mombasah, Mombasa, Kilima-njaro, Uganda
Topics illustration (pp278, 291, 296, 363, 369, 391, 412), missionaries, missionary work, "From Zanzibar to Mombasah" (p1), "Mombasah or Mvita" (p23), "Visit to the Kisulodi-ni Mission House" (p47), "The People of Mombasa – the Wanyika House" (p75), "From Mombasah to the Panga-Ni River" (p104), "From Panga-Ni town to Tongwe Outpost – the Baloch Guard" (p139), "The March to Fuga – Ascent of the Highlands of East Africa – Presentation to King Kimwere" (p183), "The March Back – the Hippopotamus Hunt – The Return to Zanzibar" (p222), "Visit to Sa'adani, the Copal Field" (p260), "The East African Expedition of 1857-1859" (p329), "To Kilwa, the end of the East African Expedition 1857-1859" (p329), "Captain Speke" (p371), "Notes on Commercial Matters at Zanzibar in the Years 1857-1859" (p405), "Thermometric Observations in East Africa" (p426), climate (pp70, 355), "Meteorological Observations" (p433), "Observations During a Voyage of Research on the East Coast of Africa" (p453), "Notes on Commercial Matters at Zanzibar in the Years 1857-1859" (p405), "Thermometric Observations in East Africa" (p426), "Agriculture" (p4), health and disease (pp4, 124, 257, 354), smallpox (p4), dress (pp4, 97-99, 189), "Pemba" (pp14-16), trade (pp17, 46, 61, 117, 330, 352, 406-424), "Mombasah" (pp24-26), "sell their children" (p70), "tribes" (p72), tribal conflict (pp74, 148), race (p81), religion (pp85-89, 102), circumcision (p89), "customs" (pp90-92), alcohol (p93), crime and punishment (p94), "the Wasegeju" (pp119-120), luxury goods (pp130, 232), dance (pp137, 273), accommodation (p230), "the Wasawahili" (p230), hunting (p248), "cannibalism" (p267), health and disease, cholera (pp329, 343-347, 361), "political troubles" (p330), execution (pp333, 354), burial customs (p359), colonial conflict (p366), "discovery of the source of the Nile" (pp395-396)