Visible Empire

Welcome to Section III of Empire Online, providing documents reflecting the Visible Empire;. The items included in Section III comprise of many different document types:

Travel writing and Illustrations including the observations and opinions of non-Europeans visiting England and France.

A variety of works relating to the Industrial and Colonial Exhibitions from 1851-1925 including official catalogues, guides and colour illustrations.

Paintings; Photographs; Maps; Periodicals; Marketing posters.

The material addresses numerous aspects of Empire studies, including:

The Industrial and Colonial Exhibitions, with special attention to the Great Exhibition of 1851. The catalogues and descriptions provide much text and illustrations of engineering, fine art; Art and Empire; Perceptions of indigenous peoples

An Account of the Colony of South Australia prepared for distribution at the International Exhibition of 1862. By Frederick Sinnett. Together with a catalogue of all the products of South Australia exhibited at the South Australian Court of the International Exhibition 1862 Sinnett, Frederick London
Africa 1891
Africa: Being an accurate description of the regions of Egypt, Barbary, Lybia and Billedulgerid 1670 Ogilby, John London
An African native 1860 London
The Alien Immigrant Jan 1903 White, Arnold
America and Canada 1721 Senex, John London
Arrival of Englishmen 1618
The Asiatic in England: Sketches of Sixteen Year's Work among Orientals 1873 Salter, Joseph London
At the Ball 1828 London
Australian Intercolonial Exhibition Photographs 1867
Battle of Vinegar Hill 1854 London
Behind the Great Wall: The Story of the C.E.Z.M.S Work and Workers in China with Numerous Illustrations 1896 Barnes, Irene H. London
"The Boers and the Native Question" Apr 1900 Wirgman, A. T
The Breakfast 1842 London
A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia Theodor de Bry after John White 1 Apr 1590 de Bry, Theodorus
British Advertising Art 1924
British Colonies in North America 1755-1757 London
The British Empire Exhibition 1924 Official Guide: Designed to display the Natural Resources of the various countries within the Empire, and the activities, industrial and social, of their peoples 1924 London
British Empire Exhibition: Opening Ceremony by H. M. the King accompanied by H. M. the Queen 1925
British Empire map 24 Jul 1886
British military camp c.1848-1853 New Zealand
Britons Through Negro Spectacles: or A Negro on Britons 1909 Merriman-Labour, A. B. C London
Bushman's Hut, South Australian Court and "Native Industries in the Courtyard of the Indian Palace" from The Graphic, pp54, 577 1886
The Byzantine and Romanesque Court in the Crystal Palace 1854 Wyatt, M. Digby, Waring, J. B London
"The Canadian Confederation", Vol.51. pp480-490 1867 Herbert, Auberon
Canadian Jack c.1888-1889 London
Captain Cook's first voyage of exploration. A reception party of native islanders. A chief and accolytes. A meeting with the local tribes 1768-1771
Captain William Bligh ( 1754 - c. 1817 ). English naval officer. Most known for the mutiny on board his ship, the Bounty 1792 London
The captivity of Cetewayo : The ex-king of appreciates the highland bagpipes 29 Nov 1879 London
Carlo Khan's triumphal entry into Leadenhall street 1783
Carting Sugar 1836 London
Catalogue of Canadian Collection 1862 Montreal
Catalogue of the Punjab Exhibition of Arts and Manufacturers 1881-1882
Catalogue of the Victorian Exhibition with prefatory essays, indicating the progress, resources and physical characteristics of the colony
Charge of the Light Brigade 1855-1856 London
Chart of South East Asia 1613 Marseille, France
"China, England and Opium" 1876 Fry, Edward
A Collection of Colour Plates Illustrative of African Scenery and Animals 1804 Daniell, Samuel
The Colonial and Indian Exhibition 1886
Columbus 1809 London
The Commander-in-Chief and staff 1867
The Complete Indian Housekeeper and Cook: Giving the Duties of Mistress and Servants, the General Management of the House and Practical Recipes for Cooking in all its Branches by Two Twenty Years' Residents. Second edition 1890 Steel, Flora Annie, Gardner, G Edinburgh
Comprehensive Pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851, Vols I and II: from the Originals painted for His Royal Highness Prince Albert 1854 Messrs. Nash, Haghe, and Roberts, R. A. London
The condition of Britain and Europe 1803 London
"Conservative and Liberal Principals" 1882
The Costume and Customs of Modern India: from a Collection of Drawings by Charles Doyley, ESQ. Engraved by J. H. Clark and C. Dubourg, with a preface and copious descriptions 1813 Williamson, Captain Thomas
Crossing the river Benangan. An explorer, the author, with native porters, Dyaks, crossing a river by means of a tree trunk 1881 Bock, Carl London
Crowd and procession of elephants at the Delhi Durbar event to celebrate Queen Victoria taking the title Empress of India. January 1st 1877 1877 London
Cultural Images from the British Library 1782-1893
Cultural Images from the National Library of Australia 1773-1930
Dancing girls and musicians c.1800
Dayaks. Indigenous people of Borneo. A tatooed native standing on the riverbank, holding a spear. A woman in a boat 1854-1856 Pers, A. Van
Days and Nights in London: or Studies in Black and Gray 1880 Ritchie, J. Ewing
Defeat at Reddersburg 25 Apr 1900 London
Delhi and the Durbar 1912
The Delhi Durbar 1903 Steer, Valentia Madras
Descriptive Catalogue of the Natal Contribution to the International Exhibition of 1862 1862 Dr Mann London
Design for Paper Hanging 1851
Drake crowned by Indians 1671 Amsterdam
Drake's world voyage c.1581
Dramatic History of India -29 Playlets 1917 Steel, Flora Annie Bombay
Drawings made on the third voyage of Captain Cook in the South Seas in the years 1777-1779 1777-1779 Webber, J England
Drawings made on the third voyage of Captain Cook in the South Seas in the years 1777-1779 England
Duke of Wellington 1806
The East in the West or Work Among the Asiatics and Africans in London 1896 Salter, J London
The East India Company headquarters London
East India Docks 1808 London
The East offering its riches to Britannia 1778
East-India Stocks 1788 London
Emigration and Transportation Relatively Considered In a letter, dedicated, by permission, to Earl Grey. Third edition 1847 Mrs Chisholm London
The Empire 31 Oct 1894 London
Empire Architecture 1800-1900
Empire Art 1599-1921
Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938
Empire Marketing Board Posters 1926-1939
Empire of India. Special Catalogue of Exhibits by the Government of India and Private Exhibitors 1886 London
Empire Sculpture 1780-1899
England and India: Being Impressions of Persons and Things, English and Indian, and Brief Notes of Visits to France, Switzerland, Italy, and Ceylon, by Lala Baijnath 1893 Baijnath, Lala Bombay
England's Mission 1878 Gladstone, W. E
English coloured portrait of Field Marshall Viscount Wolseley in uniform. Commander In Chief of the Army 1900 Robinson, Charles Napier London
An Englishman in Barbados sells his mistress. A plate from a history of French colonial power in the West Indies Paris
European vessel under sail 1776-1780
Expedition lands in Venezuela 1560-1632 Nurenburg
A family of Charaibes , indigenous peoples the island of St. Vincent, from a history of the British Colonies in the West Indies 1794 London
A Few Words Upon Canada, and her Productions in the Great Exhibition London
First Congress Resolutions: Speech by W. C. Bonnerjee. Indian Politics 1885 Bonnerjee, W. C
First day of the Yam Custom 1819 London
Francisco Pizarro 1584 Paris
Franco-British Exhibition 1908 Derby & London
Franco-British Exhibition 1908 Official Guide 1908
Frank Brangwyn's Illustrations from the Pageant of British Empire: Souvenir Volume- Permission to reproduce images kindly granted by copyright holder David Brangwyn 1924
French and Indian Cruelty: Exemplified in the Life and various vicissitudes of Fortune of Peter Williamson 1762 Edinburgh
Gathering of Spanish and Native American men in conquest of Mexico 1704 Brussels
The grant of the Diwani c.1818
A group of Negros 1796 London
Halt of a Boer's Family 1804 London
The Harbour at Nomuka 1777 Nomuka
Head of Otegoongoon 1773 London
The High-Caste Hindu Woman 1887 Sarasvati, Pundita Ramabai Philadelphia
Historic Handbook of the Pictures in the International Exhibition 1862 Taylor, Tom London
The Historical Record of the Imperial Visit to India 1911
The History of Industrial Exhibitions from their origin to the close of the Great International Exhibition of 1862 1862 Jerrold, Blanchard London
The Horrors of Slavery 1824 London
The Illustrated catalogue of the Paris International Exhibition 1878 London
The Illustrated London News 1886 London
The Illustrated London News Vol.18 1851
The Illustrated London News Vol.19 1851
Illustration of cannon in battlefield trenches in the Crimea. Sebastopol front line trenches 1858 Berg, Nikolai
An illustration of the city of Calcutta in 1756. Ships of the fleet in the harbour. Buildings on the shore. A commercial trade port 1803 Orme, Robert London
Illustration of Cusco, Peru, a mountain city and centre of Spanish colonial power in the region Ramusio, Giovanni Battista Venice
Illustration of the island of Olinda off the coast of Brazil 1634 Frankfurt
Images of Colonialism from the Harvard College Library: Part 1
Images of Colonialism from the Harvard College Library: Part 2
Images of Colonialism from the Harvard College Library: Part 3
Images of Colonialism from the Harvard College Library: Part 4
The Imperial Museum for India and the Colonies 1876 Forbes Watson, J London
Imperialism. A Study 1902 Hobson, J. A London
In Darkest England and the Way Out 1890 General Booth London
India and south-east Asia 1547 France
Indian Court. Festival of Empire. Guide Book and Catalogue 1911 London and Derby
Indian family 1796 London
Indian woman seated on a low wall with a child England
International Exhibition of 1862 : State Ceremonial of the Declaration of Prises to Exhibitors, Official Programme 11 Jul 1862 London
International Exhibition, 1862. Collection of Illustrations
The Irish Question, pp1-22, 28-42 1886 Gladstone, W. E New York
Irish rebels 1903 London
The Ist Bengal Fusiliers 1859 Atkinson, George Francklin London
"The Jamaica Question" 23 Dec 1865
John Guy 1634 Frankfurt
The Kafirs Illustrated in a series of drawings: taken among the Amazulu, Amaponda and Amakosa Tribes also portraits of the Hottentot, Malay, Fingo and other races inhabiting Southern Africa 1849 French Angus, George
The King of Amazulu 1849 London
The Last Days in England of the Rajah Rammohun Roy 1866 Carpenter, May London/ Calcutta
Long-Wai Dyak in war costume 1881 Bock, Carl London
Lord Chelmsford 1888 London
Major General Charles Gordon 22 Mar 1884 London
Malaysia and East Indies 1573 Portugal
Maori War Ritual 1848-1853 New Zealand
March through a swamp 1806 London
Marchand d' Esclaves de Goree 1796 Paris
Massacre 1854 London
Mr & Mrs John Brown's Visit to London to see the Grand Exposition of all Nations 1851
Münchausen at the Pole 1819 London
Napoleon (1769-1821) crossing the Saint Bernard Pass, one of five versions Vienna, Austria
Narrative of the Indian Revolt: From its Outbreak to the Capture of Lucknow by Sir Colin Campbell: Illustrated with nearly two hundred engravings from authentic sketches 1858 Steel, Flora Annie London
Natives of the Admiralty Islands 1878 London, Belfast
Natives of Humboldt Bay 1878 London, Belfast
Natives of New Holland 1773 London
A Nautch at Hindu Rao's House. Dancing girls entertain. Severl European men watch. One smokes a hookah. Hindu Rao was a famous inhabitant of Delhi. The figure of the Indian host resembles a portrait of Hindu Rao c.1840
"The Negro Question" 1850
The New Zealanders Illustrated 1847 French Angus, George London
"Occasional Discourse on the Negro Question" Dec 1849 Carlyle, Thomas
Offering gold to Charles James Fox 1783
Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition Vol 2 1851 London
The Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition, Supplementary Volume 1 1851 London
The Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition, Vol 1 1851 London
The Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition, Vol.3, Foreign States 1851 London
Old Court House and Writers Building. Picture of the major buildings of colonial Calcutta. Colonial architecture 1786
The Opening of the Great Exhibition 1851 Selous, H. C
Opium fleet 24 Jun 1882 London
Oriental Scenery Part 1: Containing Twenty-Four Views of the Architecture, Antiques and Landscape Scenery of Hindoostan 1812-1815 Daniell, Thomas; Daniell, William London
Oriental Scenery Part 3: Containing Twenty-Four Views of the Architecture, Antiques and Landscape Scenery of Hindoostan 1813 Daniell, Thomas; Daniell, William London
Paris Universal Exhibition 1878
"Parliamentary Relations (Great Britain and Ireland)- Home Rule" 1874 Butt, Isaac London
The Penny Guide to the International Exhibition 1862
Photograph of the Governor General in Council in India. A huge procession of elephants and military. Colonial power. Tents 1864
A Picturesque voyage to India by the way of China 1810 Daniell, Thomas , Daniell, William London
The Political-Banditti assailing the Saviour of India 1786
Preparations for expedition 1560-1632 Nurenburg
Punch Vol. 20, pp180-181, 214-215 and Vol. 21, pp174 1851
Queen Victoria 1888 London
Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 1842
The Queen's Daughters in India with Prefatory Letters by Mrs Josephine E Butler and Mr Henry J Wilson MP Andrew, Elizabeth W, Bushnell, Katharine C London
The Queen's Empire Vol 1: A Pictorial and Descriptive Record Illustrated from Photographs 1897-1899 London, Paris & Melbourne
The Queen's Empire Vol 2: A Pictorial and Descriptive Record Illustrated from Photographs 1899 London, Paris & Melbourne
The Record of the International Exhibition 1862 Glasgow
Reminiscences of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition 1886 Cundall, Frank London
Report on the Indian Section of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition 1887 London
The Resolution and Discovery 1875-1877 Edinburgh
Rev. Dr. Livingstone, M.D. 1856-1859 Walford, E London
Richard Cobden 1872-1874 New York
Robert Knox & Amritananda 1803 Pattan, Nepal
Robert, Lord Clive c.1762 London
Routledge's Guide to the International Exhibition: With plans of the building, an account of its rise, progress and completion and notices of its principal contents, edited by George Frederick Pardon (London, 1862) 1862 London
Russia and the Eastern Question 1854 Cobden, Richard Boston
Sadiq Muhammad Khan, Nawab of Bahawalpur, and Council of Regency. Group photograph 1870
A Selection of Photographs & Illustrations from the Church Missionary Society: Collection of Lives of Missionaries 1886-1901
Selections from the Records of the Government of the Punjab and its Dependencies, Report on the Punjab Exhibition 1883 Lahore
Sir Francis Drake 1743-1751 Birch, Thomas Knapton: London
Sir Hope Grant 1860
Sir Walter Raleigh 1652 London
Sir Walter Raleigh 1599 Frankfurt
Sketch of ships 27 Aug 1710
A slave hung from a gallows 1796
Soldiers of the 2nd Punjab Cavalry, January 1871. Group photograph. British and Indian officers Jan 1871
Some Impressions of England 20 May 1900 Bhore, Miss Mary
South Australia Illustrated 1847 French Angus, George London
South China and East Indies 1573 Portugal
Spanish conquistadors burn, torture and kill natives 1598
Spanish fighting the Aztecs 1892 Mexico
"Speech at the Bar" & Bill for the Removal of Jewish Disabilities" Cusack, M. F Dublin
Speech by Dadabhai Naoroji at the Second Congress: Indian Politics 1898 Bonnerjee, W. C
"Sugar Farm in Jamaica" 3 Sep 1873
Sydney Exhibition 1873 Catalogue of Exhibits in the Western Australian Section of the Sydney Inter-Colonial Exhibition of 1873 1873
Tallis's History and Description of the Crystal Palace and the Exhibition of the World's Industry in 1851, Illustrated by Beautiful Steel Engravings - Volume 1 1852 London
Tallis's History and Description of the Crystal Palace and the Exhibition of the World's Industry in 1851, Illustrated by Beautiful Steel Engravings - Volume 2 1852
Tallis's History and Description of the Crystal Palace and the Exhibition of the World's Industry in 1851, Illustrated by Beautiful Steel Engravings - Volume 3 1852 London & New York
"Tea Table Tragedy" 26 Apr 1873
"They set sail, and there was a fine sea-chase" 1898 Stockton, Frank Richard New York
Tom Raw between smoke and fire 1828 London
Tom Raw in danger 1828 London
Trading London
Troops hastening to Umballa 1859
Very busy. Mr Bull, - "How d'ye do, Cetewayo; delighted to see you; But really I'm really I'm so very much engaged at present." 2 Aug 1882 London
A View in Prince William Sound, Alaska 1778 Alaska, Prince William Sound
Views of the Crystal Palace and Park, Sydenham: From Drawings by Eminent Artists, and Photographs by P. H. Delemotte. With a Title Page and Literary Notices by M. Digby Wyatt 1854 London
Views of the International Exhibition, of the Industry of Nations Exterior 1862 London, Edinburgh and New York
Views of the International Exhibition. The Interior 1862 London, Edinburgh and New York
A Visit to Europe 1889 Mukharji, T. N
Visiting foreign natives 1764
What do you think of the Exhibition? A Collection of the best Descriptions and Criticisms, from the Leading Journals, concerning the International Exhibition: The building, the contents and the Commissioners' arrangements 1862 Kemp, Robert London
"What Kind of Sovereign is Queen Victoria?" 1900
What they are up against : Our lads from the Veldt. A Boer and silhouette of South Africa
A Woman of Prince William Sound, Alaska 1778 Alaska, Prince William Sound
Woman's Exhibition, Earl's Court, Daily Programme 1900
Women of all Nations Exhibition of Arts and Crafts & Industries 1909
"The Women's Suffrage Bill", Vol. 51, pp555-567 Mar 1889 Garrett Fawcett, Millicent
Wooing the African Venus 22 Sep 1888 London
World Maps 1482-1883
A Zulu 1849 Angas, George French London