Further Resources

The Further Resources section of Empire Online is a great area to supplement your knowledge of empire studies. Become immersed in the 500-strong visual image gallery, illustrating the key people, events and places integral to the study of empire. Or why not explore the interactive map to place significant events into geographical perspective. Widen your search by cross-searching our Global Commodities resource to take advantage of thousands more documents. The historiography provides excellent account of the history of empire studies. Our Further Resources section also includes an extensive biography of key individuals.

Within the Image Gallery you can choose to view thumbnails of the images or view them as a list. The title, description and other relevant information will be displayed for each image.



Having clicked on an image, you will be taken through to the image viewer. Try zooming in and rotating the images for closer inspection.



For more of a cinematic experience, select the slideshow view to play the images.


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